The majority of the physical and chemical phenomenons do in fact only occur at the surface of the material.

This explains the increasing importance of the "Surface Treatments", which lead to a modification of the superficial caracteristics of the materials (substrates).

Except for the devices of "Trempe Superficielle", the "Surface Treatments" realised by VALMETAL consist of the projection of additive material on the substrate, by means of the following techniques :

  • Supersonic Projection of powders. (HVOF).
  • Projection by powder Plasma GAP.
  • Cold metallization starting from powders (Power Flame Spray Process) or from wires (Wire Flame Spray Process).
  • Covering by projection and afterwards fusion of the additive material.
  • Recharging by electrical welding (electrodes or wires).

Our surface Treatments installations are gathered in an especially adapted room of 150 m² (sound proof cabins, automised turning lathes, and kranks, ventilation and air filtering installations).

These different procedures permit applying a large soortment of metals (Ni, Cr, Ai, W, Mo, Cu,...)of metallic alloys, of carbon compounds, of cermets and even of plastic materials, on metallic pieces or in synthetic materials.

  • The main applications of surface treatments proposed by VALMETAL :
  • Reconditioning of used pieces (bearings, seals,...).
  • Increase of the superficial hardness and of the resistance to abrasion.
  • Protection against corrosion or attacks from chemicals.
  • Increase or decrease of the electric conductance.
  • Increase of the sliding features (Mo, Bronze,...).